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Top 10 stories of 2010

Maricopa experienced some dramatic highs and lows during the past year. Here is a look at 10 key events, ranked according to the results of a poll in which readers voted on the top story of 2010.

Hard freeze, dangerous storm coming

Officials are forecasting a strong cold front to bring heavy rain and freezing temperatures into the state beginning tomorrow, with the mercury dipping to 18 degrees in Maricopa. The Red Cross offers these steps people can take to stay safe and warm:

New survey reveals Maricopans’ concerns and their hopes for the city’s future

Maricopa residents are concerned with high utility rates, pleased with the city's public safety departments and hopeful that a community center will be built according to the newly released Maricopa Citizen Survey.

Democrats champion the middle class

Republicans John McCain and Jon Kyl are fighters! They just fought to block unemployment benefits. They intentionally left tens of thousands of folks who have been out of work in Arizona, Pinal County, Maricopa and your street without a way to pay for food, life-sustaining utilities or housing.

Council votes to buy land, move cattle

The Maricopa City Council is giving the cows the boot. Council voted last night to a land purchase and development agreement that would facilitate the extinction of the Maricopa Feedlot and spur a future job center in the city.

Cattle could be on the move if council approves land purchase

Thousands of cattle and the workers who tend to them could soon know their destiny as the Maricopa City Council will look to approve a $3 million land purchase this Thursday, which would essentially cancel the lease for Maricopa Feedlot.

Supervisor Snider on EPA regulations, events and the budget

Welcome to June - the month of weddings, celebrations, vacations and hot days with less hot nights. In the governmental arena, it's also the month of tentative and final budgeting and - this year - the time of serious political campaigning.

Happy New Year, Maricopa

As one door closes, a new door opens. Such is the case with a busy, sometimes turbulent 2009. What will the New Year bring? As with all New Year's resolutions, it takes discipline to carry them through the years. It's no different for the city. In the following Q&A, Mayor Anthony Smith sets out Maricopa's resolutions for 2010.

Council to approve Redevelopment Plan Tuesday night; advisory group slated

After months of review and public input, the Maricopa City Council is set to vote on two Redevelopment District Area (RDA) resolutions Tuesday night.

Redevelopment plan goes before council for vote

After months of review and public input, the City Council is set to vote on the proposed redevelopment plan during Tuesday night's meeting.

Draft redevelopment plan goes to Planning & Zoning

Maricopa's redevelopment project, complete with recommendations from the Morrison Maierle consulting team and the input of local residents and stakeholders, goes to the Planning & Zoning Commission tonight in the form of a draft plan.

Railroad double-track project delayed through Maricopa

Due to the economic slowdown, leaders of Union Pacific Railroad have moved back the completion of a double-track project two years, delaying the work on Maricopa crossings and the impact it will have on residents.

PCSO Weekend Report April 17 – 19, 2009

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Money for grade separation project added to House bill

City Manager Kevin Evans told Maricopa residents gathered for a community Town Hall that money for the proposed grade separation at the railroad tracks and state Route 347 had been included into a federal bill.

Residents review redevelopment district 20-year draft plan

Tuesday evening planning consultants from Morrison Maierle, Inc., presented the draft plan to residents of the redevelopment district area (RDA).

Consulting team provides updates for Tuesday’s final redevelopment forum

The Redevelopment District Plan's consulting team from Morrison Maierle, Inc. came before the Maricopa City Council last week to update them on the results of the first two community workshops as well as to preview tomorrow's third and final public forum.

Community workshop showcases future look of redevelopment area

"We looked at the things you talked to us about," said Joy Mee of Morrison Maierle, Inc., consultants for Maricopa's Redevelopment Area Plan. Mee and her colleagues met with residents at Monday's second public forum at the First Baptist Church.

Bartle: Council ignores fiduciary responsibility, gives away $48,000

Last night our City Council gave $48,000 - with likely more to come courtesy of a renewal option to lobbying firm Landry Creedon & Associates Inc.

Man arrested for vandalizing photo enforcement camera with pickaxe

An Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer arrested Travis Munroe Townsend, 26, of Glendale, Ariz. for vandalizing a stationary photo enforcement camera site on the Loop 101 at 59th avenue in Glendale with a large pickaxe.

Bridwell: Hollenbach’s right for Maricopa

On November 4th it's time for Maricopa to give Snider some of his own medicine and throw him and his cronies under the bus. Vote for Hollenbach and the entire conservative Republican ticket.

State Board approves local transportation projects; funding still pending

The State Transportation Board voted unanimously when it met for the final of four hearings on Thursday to approve a revised list of 30 years worth of transportation projects, pending voter approval for tax levies to pay the bill.

Union Pacific moving ahead with double track plans

If you think 45 trains a day passing through a town the size of Maricopa is a lot, just wait. According to Union Pacific Railroad, demand along its Sunset Route through Maricopa continues to increase and the number of trains passing through the city is likely to be 86 per day by 2016.

347 to receive new asphalt

347 to receive new asphalt

Public invited to provide input for Union Pacific grade separation

Every Maricopa resident has spent some time waiting - waiting for the train! Cars line up in both directions and wait until railway...

Open House details Maricopa’s two critical, major traffic-engineering projects

Maricopa is facing the most critical traffic-engineering project in its history. The city must decide whether to make the Union Pacific-SR 347 grade...

Fry’s proposed gas pumps “fuel” safety issue discussion

When the Fry's Fuel Facility came before the Maricopa City Council on Tuesday night, the item "fueled" some serious discussion regarding safety issues at...

Maricopa’s own police department to become a reality in 2007

Maricopa's City Council at their Tuesday meeting gave staff a directive to implement a strategic plan for municipal police services, beginning with the nationwide...

City Council approves General Plan; voters will have their chance in May

Maricopa now has a blueprint for its future. Wednesday evening the City Council voted to approve the city's first General Plan, with several...