Former vice mayor: Support ‘vital’ MUSD override


By Peg Chapados

I support the MUSD override, and I humbly ask all Maricopans to do the same. Why? Because it’s vital for Maricopa, on every level.

As a former vice mayor/councilmember and active community resident since 2006, I know first-hand the importance of quality education in a community. People are attracted to an area based on multiple considerations, but education is always one of the top two. Education contributes to one’s quality of life as well as quality of place. It’s critically important in attracting residents and all types of commercial or retail development.

The MUSD override is for 10% to extend annual operating budget capacities. It’s a continuation of the 2016 voter-approved override, and the cost per household (based on $100,000 assessed value) is just $.38 per day.

Please, support the override. It helps with increased enrollment, rising graduation rates, teacher attraction and retention, sustaining exemplary learning environments, controlling class size, enhanced learning through technology and other resources, and providing funds otherwise not available. It’s necessary, and it’s smart for all of Maricopa. Thank you.