Personal injury lawyers represent individuals who have been injured because of another person’s actions or inactions. This area of law often includes auto accidents, slips and falls, animal bites, medical malpractice and product-defect cases.

A. A. Raymond Law Firm has the experience and expertise to handle all personal injury matters.

What makes attorney Angel A. Raymond, of A. A. Raymond Law Firm different?

  1. Local Law Firm: Operating a business in Maricopa is a blessing and I absolutely love doing it. A significant percentage of my clients are personal referrals. My current and past clients know that I am a passionate advocate and trust my firm to do right by them and those they care about. I operate my business and manage my cases with the knowledge that my clients are my neighbors. I will run into my clients around town, as we all do, and see them at any given time.
  2. I have trial experience and will represent you through litigation: Almost every “billboard lawyer” you see has a firm filled with attorneys who have zero trial experience. Insurance adjusters absolutely take this fact into consideration when responding to demand letters. Many of these law firms have thousands of cases. Clients who don’t elect to accept a final insurance settlement offer are deemed “difficult” and their cases may be dropped, leaving them without a lawyer, shortly before the deadline to file a lawsuit.
  3. Personal connection: My mom and I were involved in a very serious car crash in Washington state in 1990. The driver of the truck that hit us left the scene and left us for dead. I suffered internal bleeding and was released after only one week in the hospital. My mom’s life was forever changed because of her injuries. The right side of her body was crushed. She was put in a medically induced coma and underwent a series of surgeries. My mom never received a dime from this accident. The personal injury attorneys came to the hospital, made her promises and signed her up. The driver of the vehicle that struck us was drunk, and his girlfriend reported her truck as stolen. Her insurance company refused to accept liability. Unknown to my mom, her boyfriend, who was driver of the car we were in, wasn’t insured. The lawyers understood that the case would have to be litigated and it was going to be an uphill battle. They dropped us. My mom was young, seriously injured, alone, and had no idea what her options were. Knowing what I know now, I recognize exactly what happened and I see it happening to people every day.

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This sponsored content was first published in the October edition of InMaricopa magazine.