‘Pesty’ health violations at multiple restaurants


Inspectors from Pinal County Environmental Services found violations at three of the establishments they visited May 4-May 18. All the schools inspected were among those receiving perfect grades. 



A+ Charter Schools (inspected May 12) 

Crumbl Cookies (inspected May 9) 

Exceptional Community Hospital (inspected May 9) 

Maricopa High School – Concessions (inspected May 9) 

Maricopa High School – Culinary Arts (inspected May 9) 

MOD Pizza (inspected May 9) 

Neaux Coffee Company (inspected May 9) 

Pima Butte Elementary School (inspected May 17) 

Wendy’s (inspected May 4) 




Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers (inspected May 12) 

Controlling pests: Excessive flies in kitchen. Door ajar. 

Cooling: Temperature of cooked mushrooms and marinara sauce in cooler 50-53° (< 41°F required). 

Food separation: Open container of cut lemons held on rim of wait station hand sink. 

Sanitizing: Sanitizer in kitchen and bar dish machine tested to be 0.0 ppm (50-100 ppm required). 

Wiping cloths: Salad prep cook removed wiping cloth from sanitizer bucket and used to clean knife. | Sanitizer tested at 0.0 ppm (50-100 ppm required). 


Li’s Garden (inspected May 17) 

Cleanliness of food surfaces: Employee seen shredding carrots with a metal shredder mounted on a wooden frame. Wooden frame has exposed large shards of loose wood and splinters. | Ready to eat egg rolls stored in cardboard box in reach in cooler. To be placed in a clean plastic food container. 

Controlling pests: Excessive flies in kitchen, food prep and dining areas. Back and front doors do not close completely. Reinspection required. 

Cleanliness of floors and ceilings: Severe damage to concrete floors in kitchen. 

Proper ventilation: Excessive dust and debris build up on hood filters above oven. Reinspection required. 


Wingstop (inspected May 4) 

Cooling: Temperatures of blanched french fries were 51-54° (< 41°F required).