Pima Butte Elementary showcases student talent


Pima Butte Elementary School presented their first annual talent show this week. In all, there were a total of 21 acts, with 53 students and eight teachers participating. The show, hosted by sixth grade teacher Marie Bialorucki, included talented participants from the fourth, fifth and sixth grades.

The crowd anxiously waited for the performers to take the stage.

The very first group to perform were Emelie Nevius, Ellie Bewick and Kassy Massamore.

The show featured many different acts, which included everything from Dynamic Jump Roping to singing and dancing. Students practiced and perfected their talents for over a month before the show.

Sisters, Megan and Lucine Loresto, showcased their jump roping talents.

A dance rendition of the Village People’s “YMCA.”

Bialorucki is hopeful that the talent show will become an annual event at Pima Butte, as it helps teach respect for and among fellow students. The show gave students the opportunity to showcase their abilities and provided audience members with an enjoyable afternoon of song, dance, and variety acts.

“Talents come in many forms,” Bialorucki said, “and whatever that form may be, is something to be proud of.”