Copper Sky Aquatic Center
The aquatics center at Copper Sky.

Over the past 10 years, Maricopa has accomplished major milestones to advance parks, recreation, and community [quote_box_right]Maricopa Prop. 415

Visit to view Proposition 415 in entirety and make an informed decision this November.[/quote_box_right]events in Maricopa. The city adopted a master Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan in 2008 setting in motion a number of projects and programs that serve Maricopa residents today. Some of the improvements include:

  • Constructed Pacana Park to serve as the city’s first regional park
  • Fostered a number of community events such as the Salsa Festival and Pecan Pride
  • Established over 3.5 miles of Multi-Use Trails
  • Adopted a complete streets policy to integrate pedestrian and bicycle routes throughout the city
  • Created Lexington Park in the Heritage District
  • Developed the state of the art Copper Sky Regional Park, Multigenerational Center and Aquatic CenterProp-415-arts--culture-statue-image

The future of recreation and amenities in Maricopa were defined by the citizens in the 2040 Vision Strategic Plan, adopted by the City Council 2015. The city’s proposed General Plan, Planning Maricopa, takes this framework a step further. It integrates the 2040 Vision into a comprehensive set of actionable goals and objectives to meet the current needs of residents, with a focus to meet the community’s desires for future open space and recreation in Maricopa.  The Parks, Recreation & Open Space Element in conjunction with the Public Services and Facilities section were prepared to promote the establishment of standards and levels of service criteria that lead to the creation of a full-service parks, recreation and open space system in Maricopa. Citizen preferences place a high priority on developing and having adequate access to parks, recreation, leisure activities, community and cultural events and performing arts to serve our community. This Element identifies a comprehensive network of park, open space, trails, and recreational amenities according to the needs and standards for Maricopa.

[socialpoll id=”2393329″]In addition, for the first time the proposed General Plan incorporates the community’s vision for an Arts and Culture program. Opportunities for recreation, cultural enrichment, and social interaction make the City more attractive to its citizens. The General Plan promotes the adoption of policies to provide desired and attractive amenities to drive quality growth and development. This also includes engaging in plans for open space and recreation facilities within our Planning Area in Pinal County, such as Palo Verde Regional Park and a regional trail system.

Planning Maricopa integrates the General Plan elements in ways that leverage land use, transportation, and public facility decisions to enhance open space and recreation opportunities for the future. Maricopa Proposition 415 – Planning Maricopa is on the Nov. 8 General Election ballot, early voting began Oct. 12. Maricopa registered voters are encouraged to learn about the ballot items before placing a vote. Visit to view Proposition 415 in entirety and make an informed decision this November.

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