Police clear officers of involvement in ‘swinging’ activities


Two city of Maricopa law enforcement officials have been cleared of allegations of taking part in adult swinging activities.

The allegations against Officer Cedric Randle and Lt. Larry Ekhardt were brought forth in late December 2008 by former Maricopa Police Officer Martice Berry, who was fired for making inappropriate advances on women and allegedly sending pictures of male genitalia.

In Berry’s complaint, he alleges the two police department employees were involved in swinging activities during two parties held in 2008.

Those alleged incidents took place at the home of one of the women Berry was accused of making unwanted sexual advances on.

To support his claim, Berry presented a recorded conversation he had with Randle regarding the swinging activities. However, during the conversation the officer never admitted to taking part in any sexual escapades.

In the course of the internal investigation, Ekhardt stated he had never attended any party at the house Berry specified.

Randle told the investigator he did attend two parties at the residence, but other than women getting a little out of control and exposing themselves, no swinging activities took place to his knowledge.

Both Randle and Ekhardt stated they had never taken part in any swinging activities.

When the investigator called the owner of the residence where these parties took place, she stated that Berry was making the charges to retaliate against her for testifying against him.

Due to a lack of evidence the police department found both men not guilty of any wrongdoing.