Police: Man charged after allegedly assaulting two women


A Maricopa man is accused of assaulting two female victims and dragging the victims around the residence.

On March 2, at 10:35 p.m., police were called to a residence by a neighbor, regarding a report of a disturbance.

The suspect, Joshua C. Bailey, 38, was charged with aggravated domestic violence, two charges of assault [domestic violence], two charges of disorderly conduct [domestic violence], and another charge of disorderly conduct.

Officers contacted Bailey and the two victims inside the home, and soon determined that Bailey had assaulted the two victims after an argument between the group, police say.

According to police documents, the first victim told police that Bailey had slapped her on the left side of the face and pushed her to the ground where she hurt her right forearm.

Police saw redness on the first victim’s face and a scrape on her arm, with redness and blood.

The first victim then quickly became uncooperative and refused to provide more information, police documents say.

It was determined by police that the second victim had ran out of the house to a neighbor, the reporting party.

According to police documents, the neighbor told officers that he heard banging on his door and screaming and said that he watched Bailey grab the second victim and drag her from his porch and across the street where he said Bailey hit the second victim.

The second victim told officers that Bailey had punched her and pulled her hair after she tried to de-escalate the argument.

The second victim also told officers that Bailey had punched the first victim and dragged her around the house. The second victim later told officers that Bailey had dragged her around outside, police say.

Police saw a small scrape on the back of the second victim’s neck.

According to the police report, Bailey has three previous domestic violence convictions in the last seven years and is out on bond for a separate domestic violence related incident.

Bailey was later arrested at 11:27 p.m. in connection with the charges.