Police: Man faces kidnapping charge after speeding from officers

A man is accused of kidnapping his partner around 12:45 a.m. Monday after refusing to let her out of his car.  

Angel T. Sanchez, 30, was booked into Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Jail on charges of threats (domestic violence), kidnapping (domestic violence), unlawful flight and endangerment following the incident, police said. 

According to the probable cause statement: 

Officers received a call about a disturbance in Sanchez’s vehicle, a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, near North Hartman Road and Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway. 

Call notes indicated the victim, an intimate partner with Sanchez, was trying to get out of the vehicle. 

Maricopa Police located Sanchez’s vehicle on North Hartman Road, south of Sorrento Boulevard. Officers attempted a traffic stop by turning their overhead lights on when the vehicle accelerated reaching 80 mph in a 35-mph zone. 

The victim said she saw the police lights and told Sanchez to pull over, and Sanchez replied saying he was not going to jail and accelerated. 

The vehicle attempted to evade police by going off the road and onto a piece of undeveloped property, eventually crashing, making the vehicle inoperable. 

Officers located Sanchez and the victim outside the vehicle. Both had a moderate odor of intoxicants, and Sanchez had glossy, red and watery eyes. 

The victim reported Sanchez and herself had been drinking at Sanchez’s house, when Sanchez began talking to his ex-girlfriend on the phone. 

The victim told Sanchez the phone call upset her and she wanted to fight his ex-girlfriend. So, the two got in the car and began driving.  

A couple minutes into the ride, the victim told Sanchez she did not want to fight his ex- girlfriend anymore, which upset him. Sanchez allegedly pulled over, but when the victim attempted to get out, Sanchez hit the gas pedal and sped off. 

At some point, Sanchez allegedly told the victim he would shoot her if he had his gun. The victim told officers she feared for her life and begged to be let out of the car.