Police, sheriff prepared, but not expecting issues at polls

City and county officials to not expect any protests or incidents at polling places during Tuesday's election. Both MPD and PCSO have officers ready to react should incidents arise. [Bob McGovern]

Maricopa and Pinal County officials are expecting Tuesday’s election to proceed without any incidents at polling places.

However, both Maricopa Police and Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said they are prepared for any eventuality and will have officers at the ready.

“(There is) nothing we’re aware of,” said James Daniels, Director of Communications and Marketing for the county. “There won’t be any poll security, but PCSO will obviously react in the event of any calls of issues at a polling place.”

Government and law enforcement sources said there have been no indications of planned disruptions or malfeasance.

“I’m told we have not had reports of any possible security problems and our patrol and traffic officers will be paying attention to polling places all day (Nov. 8),” said Quinn Konold, Communications Director for the city.

Sam Salzwedel, a spokesman for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, said PCSO is employing a similar election-day strategy.

“Along with our normal patrol staffing, we have multiple deputies, primarily from our traffic unit, who are assigned specifically to any potential election-related calls tomorrow,” Salzwedel said.

While there were reports of those dropping off early ballots and workers at a Maricopa County voting tabulation center being harassed, there have been no such pre-Election Day incidents in Pinal County.