Scott Schreiber at 8-16 incident
Maricopa Police [Brian Petersheim, Jr.]

Maricopa Police units were dispatched to a residence in the 18600 block of North Desert Willow Drive in Santa Rosa Crossings Monday.

The incident drew a significant response from MPD, as nine police vehicles were on the scene and officers had long guns drawn. Police were preventing residents from entering the neighborhood until about 3:20 p.m.

Officer Scott Schreiber was on scene and said the investigation is into a violation of an order of protection. He could not comment on whether the person in question was armed, or whether they had barricaded themselves in the home.

Officers at Santa Rosa Crossing

At about 3:20, police began to disburse, and Schreiber said it “doesn’t look like they’re going to push the issue at this time.”

As police left the scene, Officer Andrew Morrison said the investigation remained ongoing.