Police: Walmart employee assists ‘customer’ in theft


Two men, one of which was a Walmart employee, are accused of participating in a “cash back” scheme in October.

Details were recently released by the Maricopa Police Department.

The suspects, Austin M. Domagalski and Collin M. O’Reilly, are both accused of participation in fraudulent schemes and theft at the Walmart located at 41650 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy in October of 2021.

Charges have been submitted to the Pinal County Attorney’s office.

According to police documents, after entering Walmart, O’Reilly would walk back to the electronics department where Domagalski worked.

At the electronics department register, O’Reilly would buy a small dollar item and ask for cash back, police say.

Domagalski would hand O’Reilly the requested cash, along with extra money.

After watching the Walmart surveillance footage, police say when Domagalski opened the register, he reached into the left side of the till where the $20 and $100 bills were and handed several to O’Reilly.

Allegedly after O’Reilly pocketed the cash, he would walk away.

According to documents, they repeated this over the course of several days, between Oct. 9 and 16, with a different amount of extra cash each time.

O’Reilly and Domagalski are accused of stealing approximately $1,200.00 from Walmart.

Clarification: Although documents made public by the Maricopa Police Department stated that the two suspects were arrested at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 24, 2021, Maricopa Police stated today that the two individuals weren’t arrested and were never taken into custody.