Poll results: Price did a great job as mayor


Maricopan voters’ satisfaction with Christian Price as mayor was strong enough to result in three handily-won re-elections.

With Price resigning effective July 1, we asked you in our informal poll to “rate the job he did over 10 years as mayor.”

The verdict on his performance? He has done a great job.

More than two-thirds of respondents gave a positive grade with 48.3% saying his performance was “excellent” and 18.5% saying it was “good.”

About 15% of the respondents said Price’s performance was “OK,” while just 4.9% said it was “below average” and 3.8% thought it was “terrible.”

Just less than 10% said they didn’t know enough about his performance to say.

Price will become the president and CEO of the Maricopa Economic Development Alliance, a group dedicated to bringing business and industry to the city.