Poll: Maricopans favor traditional Thanksgiving dishes

Maricopans favor the traditional dishes for their Thanksgiving dinner according to the results of our weekly reader poll. Stuffing, turkey and mashed potatoes took the top three spots in the voting. [TripSavvy.com]

There is an endless variety of options for Thanksgiving dinner, from ethnic dishes to vegetarian or vegan options, and even more exotic fare.

But our weekly reader’s poll shows that Maricopans like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Our poll question this week was, “What is your favorite part of your Thanksgiving meal?”

In a photo finish, the two dishes most closely associated with Thanksgiving, turkey and stuffing, were the top two choices. And by a turkey gobbler – and we swear the ballot box was not stuffed – stuffing was the winner with 25.6% among the 180 who voted. Turkey was not far behind at 23.9%.

Mashed potatoes were the third-favorite option with 13.3% of the votes, pie following at 9.4%. Those who liked something other than the options provided tied with “We do not celebrate Thanksgiving” at 8.3%.

Ham garnered 7.8% and casserole brought up the rear at just 3.3%.

Americans will spend an estimated $1.1 billion on turkeys this year, an increase of roughly $151 million from the $985 million in 2021, according to Finder.com. About $2.9 billion will be spent in total on Thanksgiving meals.