Poll: Readers unsure if prepared for roadwork


Maricopa’s hot button topic? Improving roadways. Give people access to a keyboard, and they will share their opinions on social media.  

Last week, we released an unscientific poll to our readers: “The public is clamoring for improved roadways before any substantial additional housing comes to town. Will the city address the issue, and are you prepared for the inconvenience of road work for years?” 

The poll results were split. 

Fifty-three percent of the 303 voters responded, “Yes, a step backward on the short term to gain several steps forward in the long run is worth it knowing Maricopa is devoting more than 75% of its 10-year CIP to transportation.” 

The other 47% said, “No, it should have been done already, I’m tired of waiting for it and I’m ready to leave.” 

On InMaricopa’s Facebook post sharing the poll, readers left their thoughts on the situation. 

One reader, Al Hartman commented, “It has to happen sometime. Maricopa is growing fast, and the infrastructure is way behind. It is time to try and get ahead of it instead of continuously trying to catch up. From shopping, housing and transportation corridors it’s time to ‘Geter dun.’”