Poll: Readers want to sync, shorten traffic signals

The City of Maricopa now has control of State Routes 238 and 347 within the city limits, and our readers have some ideas about what the city should do with that control.

Most of our InMaricopa reader polls have a couple of responses that generate about the same number of votes. But this week we asked about State Routes 347 and 238.

As one might expect, readers had strong opinions on our question: “Now that Maricopa has control of State Routes 347 and 238 within city limits, what should it do with them?”

The runaway winner among our 213 voters was the response, “Synchronize traffic signals and shorten their cycles, which garnered 137 votes, good for 64.3 percent.

Among those who agree with that is Mayor Nancy Smith.

A distant second in the poll, with 53 votes and 24.9 percent of the tallies was, “Create more and easier access to businesses along them.”

“Paint the light poles” was the third-most popular response at 6.1 percent and 13 votes, while the apathetic citizens with no opinion generated 10 votes and 4.7 percent.

State Routes 347 and 238 are two of the primary transportation corridors through the city and will continue to be as the city grows to the south and west. There is major development coming along SR 238 with West Maricopa Village, the PHX Surf Park, APEX Motor Club, an 80-acre industrial project and other significant developments.