Poll recap: Almost as many have a tattoo as don’t

Poll Recap Tattoos

Our informal poll last week was on tattoos.

If you look around, it’s obvious a lot of people in Maricopa have tattoos. We wondered how many.

We asked, “Do you have a tattoo?”

Through 6 p.m. Sunday, 165 people voted. It turns out just less than one half of respondents (80 votes, 48.5%) said they had one or more tattoos.

The most votes were from respondents saying that did not have a tattoo nor plan to get one (83, 50.3%)

Two respondents said they did not have any tattoos but were planning to get one (1.2%). (Perhaps that decision is somewhat impulsive?)

The poll drew 49 comments on Facebook, with many of those from the 31 people accepting our invitation to share photos of their own ink.

Some passed on the opportunity – for quite different reasons.

“Toooo many to post,” wrote Patricia Revera.

Heidi Ogborn has nine tattoos, but said she wasn’t showing anyone. “Some have had the ‘gravity virus’,” she wrote, eliciting more than a few chuckles.

“Nope, City of Maricopa Police Department might be behind this post and saving everyone’s names and info and tattoos for possible future identification,” commented Adan Buelna, eliciting more than a few chuckles.

The less wary, however, shared their ink despite the right to remain silent, including two local food vendors. Others posted video of themselves being worked on. We thank them all for sharing and present a sample below:

Karen Newberg has this colorful tattoo – and four other smaller ones.
Jody Clark and her son had tattoos done together.
Chris Groll has two complementary patriotic tattoos.
James Bridgford could be from Tattoine with this impressive ink.
Cher Cendejas-Pence has one on her arm.
Vanessa Luna has tattoos on her forearm and chest.
Sam Amato has a tattoo featuring the family crest.
Melissa Rae Laborin is still working on a tattoo on her right arm.
Brittany DeCicco had this family crest done recently.
Jordynn Lucero has multiple tattoos.