With dirt moving again in established and new Maricopa neighborhoods, we asked Maricopa residents how they felt about more homes coming to the city.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, 196 people answered our informal poll, which asked: The City of Maricopa issued 173 permits for single-family homes in August, the highest monthly total since 2007. Do you support more residential development in the city?

About 52% of voters said they supported the growth, while about 45% did not. About 4% of residents said they were unsure.









In a Facebook post promoting the poll, many readers believed more services should be made available in town, including road improvements, while others argued that more homes could bring those things.

“No more housing!! Keep up with the growth you have now by fixing roads, shopping places towards other developments already in place and a hospital!!” Teresa Smith commented.

“Well it is coming rather we like it or not. Hospital or not. Congested 347 or not. Money talks,” said Candice Thomas Evans. “This city will get bigger and it has changed tremendously and I’ve only been here 5 years.”

“When are we going to get a HOSPITAL for Maricopa? When are they going to WIDEN the 347 to support the ever-growing population??” Tina wrote.

Cindy Price, wife of Maricopa Mayor Christian Price, offered her perspective on the development.

“If you stop the housing those things will never come. It is also illegal for the city to stop private land from being developed as long as it meets zoning codes. It is a double edged sword- you have to have growth and the growing pains that go with it to get to the economic growth,” she wrote in the thread. “To get hospitals, shopping and jobs here, that growth has to keep happening.”