Poll: Small majority believes election will be issue-free in Pinal County

A recount of two statewide races in the November election showed an undercount of more than 500 votes in Pinal County. [Bryan Mordt]

As Maricopa prepares to go to the polls Nov. 8, results of this week’s InMaricopa reader poll show slightly more than half of the respondents believe the election will come off without a hitch.

We asked readers, “Pinal County elections officials this week announced reforms from top to bottom in the department, and an independent auditor confirmed they are on the right track to run a successful November general election. Do you have faith the election will be run competently?”

Just over half, 52.9%, said, “Yes, the department is now led by someone who knows the area and has a track record of running successful elections.”

Others were more skeptical, as one in four responded, “No, you can’t turn around an organization in such disrepair in only three months.”

The final 22.1% were more than skeptical, responding, “Doesn’t matter what they say, the elections are rigged.”

The August primary election in several Pinal County cities, including Maricopa, was plagued by mistakes, including candidates’ names and races being left off ballots. Across the county, several precincts ran out of ballots at several polling places.

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has since appointed former recorder Virginia Ross as county elections director and Dana Lewis, former assistant recorder under Ross, as recorder.

Voters on Nov. 8 will select state and county officeholders as well as control of Congress and the fate of several key propositions.