Primary countdown: Nancy Discher, candidate for Pinal County Supervisor, District 4


The primary election is Aug. 28 and early balloting is underway. Between now and Aug. 20, will publish two to three Q & As at a time done with candidates in primary races.

Today: Nancy Discher, Republican candidate for Pinal County Supervisor, District 4. She is running against Fred MacKenzie, Raymond Petrulsky and Anthony "Tony" Smith. To see these candidates in a July 21 candidates’ forum click here (supervisor's portion at end of this video), here (majority of the supervisor forum) and here (closing remarks by unchallenged Democratic contender).

Name: Nancy Discher
Age: Retired
Occupation: Strategic planning and economic development consultant; hospital administrator; Registered Nurse.
Residence: Tucson
Family: Husband Michael, crew chief fighter unit Arizona Air National Guard; son, David, daughter-in-low Cheryl; four grandchildren
Education: BSN and master’s in management of public and private resources
Hobbies: Golf and art (paint in oils, pastel chalk, and watercolors)
Favorite quote: “The thoughts that hold you are the thoughts that mold you.”
Heart’s desire: My initial instinct and passion in life is to help people.

Political experience: Working for 35-40 years has afforded me political skills; have worked with politicians when responsible for TriCare (the first managed-care option for military) and also when designated as a lobbyist for health-care policies for the Jewish Consortium

Why are you running?

Like many citizens today, I am concerned with the direction of our country. And because I have such a deep resume spanning health, education, private and public sector and government, I am able to meet the challenges facing Pinal County. Throughout my career I have contributed measurable outcomes in all of these areas.

What is your biggest election challenge?

Every forum has a structured format, which does not always afford you the time or questions to address critical issues. I love communicating with the persons from business, education, health, government and the constituents-at-large.

Why should Maricopans vote for you?

I am the candidate with the most appropriate experience to both streamline the government and create a business friendly environment. My successes are real life. I have personally created thousands of jobs, handled a complex financial budget as a conservative and been readily accessible to those I serve. Additionally I have related to disparate groups with positive outcomes, mutually beneficial, and advantageous to individuals and the community-at-large.

Who are you voting for president?

Mitt Romney

What is the most pressing issue facing Maricopa? What would you do about it?

Maricopa citizens from businesses and the neighborhoods have spoken — jobs, jobs, jobs. There are many other issues expressed resulting from no jobs, such as crime, roadways, a definitive identity, and lack of support institutions i.e. hospitals and education.
Pinal County is fractured mostly due to geography. There are “silos” of visions. A viable Pinal County is one where all the cities in Pinal have a common vision encompassing a balance between excellence in schools and health care and government, this would attract businesses affording “head of household incomes”

What would you do to create jobs in Pinal County?

As county supervisor I would strive to work with my colleagues and the county manager and department heads in creating a business friendly environment. This means budgets that are “smart” for the services needed. Too often budgets are redundant from year to year.
Contracts must be crafted with all areas concerned: overtime, services, life of contract, penalties for noncompliance, etc. Burdensome business laws and regulations eliminated.

I will also work on the outside of the county government to bring disparate groups together to develop an over-arching economic development group comprised of leaders from education, health, government, private sector and citizens (“influencers”).