With all ballots counted, three candidates for Maricopa City Council have been elected in the Primary Election, negating the need for a General Election.

Newcomer Rich Vitiello and incumbents Henry Wade and Vincent Manfredi all received enough votes to be elected outright, according to the state formula. There were seven city council candidates on the ballot and one write-in.

Rich Vitiello 3,435
Henry Wade 2,902
Vincent Manfredi 2,731
Bob Marsh 2,091
Cynthia Morgan 1,661
Linette Caroselli 1,654
Paige Richie 1,107
Write-in 139

The local results of the Aug. 28 election are set to become official this week on the agendas of the city council Tuesday and the Pinal County Board of Supervisors Wednesday.

The county also basically re-elected Amanda Stanford as clerk of the Superior Court. She defeated fellow Republican Scott McKee, 57 percent to 43 percent. No other party put forth a candidate in the primary. Judge Lye Riggs was re-elected as Justice of the Peace of the Maricopa/Stanfied Justice Court (soon to be renamed Western Pinal Justice Court). He ran unopposed in the Primary and also has no competition in the General Election.

The constable race is set for the General Election. Glenn Morrison came out ahead in the Republican primary and will face Democrat Andre LaFond, who ran unopposed, in the General Election.

Glenn Morrison 51.9%
William “Bill” Griffin 47.8%

Three Republicans and three Democrats ran for two available seats in Legislative District 11, which includes Maricopa. The top two in each race go on to the General Election.

GOP incumbent Mark Finchem was the top vote-getter in his primary, with Maricopa’s Bret Roberts in second. They were trailed by Maricopan Howell Jones. On the Democrat size, Hollace Lyon and Maricopan Marcela Quiroz were the top picks, with Barry McCain being eliminated.

Hollace Lyon 42.56%
Marcela Quiroz 42.24%
Barry McCain 15.2%

Mark Finchem 43.87%
Bret Roberts 37.56%
Howell Jones 18.57%

At the state level, ballots are still being counted, but the outcome in most races is set.

Doug Ducey’s bid to be re-elected governor continues as he easily defeated former Secretary of State Ken Bennett in the Republican Primary. Democrat David Garcia was also easily clear of two competitors and will face Ducey in the General Election

Doug Ducey 70,7%
Ken Bennett 29.3%

David Garcia 50.5%
Steve Farley 32.5%
Kelly Fryer 17.1%

Michele Reagan’s bid to be re-elected secretary of state, however, ended in the Primary as she was overwhelmed by Republican Steve Gaynor. He will face Democrat Katie Hobbs in the General Election.

Steve Gaynor 66.8%
Michele Reagan 33.2%

In the state treasurer‘s race, which had no incumbent, state Sen. Kimberly Yee defeated Tucson accountant Jo Ann Sabbagh in the Republican primary. Yee will face Democrat Mark Manoil, who ran unopposed.

Kimberly Yee 59.3%
Jo Ann Sabbagh 40.7%

Superintendent of Public Instruction turned out to the tightest contest for both major parties. Democrat Kathy Hoffman edged David Schapira by nearly 22,000 votes. For the Republicans, it remains too close to call, as Frank Riggs leads Bob Branch by just 223 votes. Just behind in third is incumbent Diane Douglas.

Frank Riggs 21.83%
Bob Branch 21.79%
Diane Douglas 21.23%
Tracy Livingston 20.2%
Jonathan Gelbart 14.9%

Kathy Hoffman 52.3%
David Schapira 47.7%

In the contest for two seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, one Republican incumbent failed to survive the Primary. A set of Democrats running as a team was broken up by a third. The top two Republicans and top two Democrats advance to the General Election.

Justin Olson 25.2%
Rodney Gassman 22.8%
James O’Connor 21.6%
Tom Forese 15.9%
Eric Sloan 14.5%

Sandra Kennedy 45.%
Kiana Sears 28%
Bill Mundell 26.9%

Attorney general and mine inspector had no primary competition. In the General Election, incumbent AG Mark Brnovich will face Democrat January Contreras, and incumbent Joe Hart will face Democrat Bill Pierce.

At the federal level, General Election contests are also set. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema will face Republican Martha McSally for the U.S. Senate seat. Incumbent Democrat Tom O’Halleran goes for re-election against Republican Wendy Rogers.

Statewide voter turnout was 32 percent.

Vincent Manfredi is minority owner of InMaricopa.


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