Public invited to provide input for Union Pacific grade separation


Every Maricopa resident has spent some time waiting – waiting for the train! Cars line up in both directions and wait until railway car after railway car flies by. The city is working on a solution to end these traffic delays.

A meeting is planned to discuss proposed solutions for the congestion at the Union Pacific crossing on John Wayne Parkway. That meeting will be held in the multi-purpose room at the high school from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 25.

Over the past few months possible alternatives for a grade separation, either an underpass or an overpass, have been reviewed. Plans can impact local residents, businesses and travelers passing through Maricopa, as well as community development.

Waiting on the train has become a Maricopa pastime.

The City of Maricopa invites residents to participate in this study process and the evaluation of the various alternatives. The public’s ideas, concerns and input are essential for the success of this future project.

For further information, contact City Engineer Karen Wonders via email or at (520) 568-9098, ext. 243.