Rams football player takes in Arizona Cardinals’ practice


Robert Aiken wanted to get his son a gift he wouldn’t forget, so when the United States Naval Reservist met Arizona Cardinals’ head coach Ken Whisenhunt two months ago, he knew he had found that opportunity.

The two men met in Germany, according to Robert’s son Aaron. Aaron said his dad asked the coach if there was any way he could get his son into a Cardinals practice for his birthday.

Aaron’s birthday was August 31, and he received his dad’s birthday present, the chance to attend a live practice, this past Friday.

“It was neat to see the players and how their practices are surprisingly similar to those I am used to,” Aaron said.

Aaron is a football player for the Maricopa High School Rams; he plays several positions on the varsity squad and plays defensive lineman and linebacker on the junior varsity team.

While at the practice, Aaron focused on the play of the linebackers and the linemen. “It was interesting to see them perform swim moves and watch the backers read the offense,” Aaron said.

After the practice at the Cardinals facility in Tempe, Aaron also got a chance to talk to the Cardinals’ head coach.

Photos by Aaron Aiken