Former MUD Business Services Director Aron Rausch


After a decade as Business Services director of Maricopa Unified School District, Aron Rausch abruptly resigned this month to go into retirement.

Rausch, who was hired by MUSD in 2008, dated his resignation Dec. 12 to go into effect Dec. 19, the day of the most recent board meeting and before the end of the semester.

MUSD spokesperson Mishell Terry said Wednesday an interim director had not yet been chosen. Rausch said he did not suggest a name for his temporary replacement.

“That’s up to the leadership that’s there,” he said.

Friday, the district posted an immediate opening for the position. The salary range is $78,750-$102,751.

Rausch said he and his wife Becky wanted to spend more time with their daughters and grandchildren, who live in the north Valley. “We had been planning this for a couple of years. I’m excited.”

In his resignation letter addressed to Board President AnnaMarie Knorr, Rausch also said he wanted more time for “woodworking, attending sporting events, hiking and volunteering, and of course maybe a little bit more time chasing the white ball around the golf course.” The two-page letter touted the long list of accomplishments of the finance department during his tenure.

Rausch is a lifetime member of Rotarians International. Thursday, he said he fully expects to continue that community service, but “we’ll see if we stay in Maricopa.”

His wife is an academic coach at Butterfield Elementary School.

Rausch’s departure was part of a personnel schedule on Wednesday’s agenda. He was not in attendance. Knorr gave the board the uncommon reminder to not speak of any listed employ by name but rather by number. Board members approved the schedule without comment.

Thursday, already out of town, Rausch said he might take part-time work in the future but described his departure from MUSD duties as “divorcing” himself from the district.

Rausch has been a chief finance officer under various titles and at various locations for 28 years. He was an auditor for nine years in Washington state. He was CFO of schools for 16 years, including the Walla Walla School District.

He left Walla Walla after not seeing eye-to-eye with a new superintendent and started as business director for MUSD in the middle of the semester. He was the district’s seventh business manager in five years.

MUSD earned awards from the Government Finance Officers Associations and Arizona Association of School Business Officials for each of the past 10 years.



  1. As I am disappointed at the author’s clear failure to highlight the many accomplishments Rausch made to not only the district, but also the community. I would like to state just a few of several for the public.

    – Since Aron was appointed he immediately turned a deficit budget into a balanced budget, and has remained balanced each year he was in charge.
    – Over the course of 10 years, Aron has saved the district over a MILLION dollars by voluntarily taking on the Maintenance Director position without extra compensation.
    – Aron has received outstanding reviews for each of the last 10 years.
    – Under Rausch’s tenure* “MUSD earned awards from the Government Finance Officers Associations and Arizona Association of School Business Officials for each of the past 10 years.”
    – As evident from his letter of resignation (linked in article) he has tremendous respect and gratitude to the staff who worked by his side. For it is how we treat our peers in life, that defines the people we truly are.
    – Aron was MUSD’s most tenured Business Manager.

    For a more inclusive list and more accurate representation of Aron, please see linked letter of resignation. If you see Aron in the community please congratulate him on his retirement!

    Aron’s proud daughter, Kylie Rausch

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