State Route 347
State Route 347 runs through the Gila River Indian Community. Photo by Victor Moreno

The readers have spoken, and their priorities for improvements to State Route 347 are different than what many might have expected.

In our informal poll that ran from March 18-25, we asked readers to identify the most important solution to improve traffic on the dreaded 347. We offered five options and asked readers to pick one: widen the highway to three lanes, construct overpasses at the traffic signals, increase traffic enforcement between Maricopa and I-10, fix the I-10 interchange and some other solution.

Informal internet poll results

Somewhat surprisingly, 62.7% of respondents thought the best improvement would be the construction of overpasses to eliminate traffic signals on the highway.

The second most popular answer, at 28.7%, was to widen the highway to three lanes in each direction.

Stepped-up traffic enforcement between I-10 and Maricopa was third at 6.9%.

Making improvements at the I-10 interchange garnered 0.5% of votes.

Just over 1 percent voted for another solution.


  1. At the rate Arizona moves to build anything, it will take 10 years to build overpasses so in the meantime you will not be able to move on Rt. 347 at all. Traffic enforcement is not a viable option as the problem is traffic volume vs the amount of accident caused by idiot Arizona drivers. The proposed fixes are worse than the problem as long as we have government officials who cannot effect workable solutions.

  2. Since Wild Horse Pass Motorsport Park dragstrip will no longer exist (very very sad decision) continue the proposed new I-10 overpass and build a freeway into Maricopa similar to the 143 that ends into 48th St.