With early voting ballots being filled out and the primary election set for Tuesday, InMaricopa.com asked: Who has your votes for Maricopa City Council?

As of 1 p.m. Thursday, 735 people voted in an informal poll for their top three candidates.

Councilmember Nancy Smith led with about 24% of votes. Challenger Bob Marsh came in second with 21%, followed by challenger Amber Liermann with 20%. Andre LaFond secured 17% of the vote, and Julia Gusse and Linette Caroselli received 10% and 9%, respectively.

In Facebook posts promoting the poll, readers expressed their opinion on who was most fit for the job.

“Definitely Gusse, Caroselli and LaFond the best for our diverse Maricopa,” Rod Paugh said.

Other comments: “Amber all day. No Gusse or Lafond” and “Nancy, Amber & Bob for the win.”

Some commenters questioned the motivations of candidates while others shared positive experiences when interacting with them. Others cited conversations and topics brought up in InMaricopa’s Town Hall forum held on July 11 as reasons for their choices.

On Tuesday, Maricopans will have the opportunity to support their candidates at the polls – if they haven’t submitted their ballot already.