InMaricopa asked locals if they planned to attend the COVID-19 testing event.

With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in Arizona, The Maricopa Wellness Center and the Arizona Department of Health Services have scheduled a drive-thru testing blitz on Saturday with a second testing event planned for next month. InMaricopa asked locals if they planned to attend the event.

As of 11 a.m. Friday, 310 people answered our informal poll, which asked: Do you plan to get a free COVID-19 test on Saturday at Copper Sky?

About 16% of voters said they planned to get tested on Saturday, while about 74% indicated they would not. Ten percent of

voters were undecided.





In Facebook posts promoting the poll and the testing blitz, some readers felt uncomfortable with the event.

“There is absolutely no way I am going to drive up and let some stranger put a ‘Q-tip’ in my mouth or up my nose,” said Donna Allen.

“What if… instead of them testing you, they’re actually infecting you?! Just a thought!” commented Steph Haddox in the same thread.

Other readers commended the efforts of Maricopa Wellness Center and the importance of providing a no-cost test.

“Testing helps identify hot spots for resource allocation and local lockdown/open-up decisions, finds asymptomatic carries so tracing backwards to notify contacts to self quarantine. This all helps with disease control,” commented Bill Robertson. “We all must remember, a negative test is not a green (light) that “all is good or I’m ok I tested negative.” These tests are a snap shot in time. You can be negative today and positive tomorrow.