Now is the time of year for home-sellers to clean up their house and yard to attract buyers.

Spring is nearly here, and with it comes families looking for a new home.

Typically, this time of year is the start of a busy season for local real estate agents. With the housing market flooded with listings in January and February, this year’s spring is shaping up to follow suit.

To gain more insight, we asked a few local Realtors what we should expect to see in 2016.

How does the real estate market in Maricopa change in spring compared to winter months?

“The market in spring really starts to pick up. In January the market in Maricopa was flooded with 263 new listings, which is higher than any other month in the last year.  However, demand starts to increase in spring and many families start to write offers on homes now so that they can close and move over the summer. Generally this is one of the best times to list your home.” – Dayv Morgan, HomeSmart Success

“Over the last two years in Maricopa, there were more homes sold … April through June period than there was in (January through March), and I expect that trend to continue this year. People also anticipate the end of the school year as we approach the spring and that also translates into listings and sales, as well as rental closings.” – Jay Shaver, Maricopa Real Estate Company

“Springtime is a super time to buy or sell, and a time many people are thinking of making an address change. Mother Nature really puts on a show in Arizona in the springtime. So many people are out enjoying our beautiful days, they might just see your for-sale sign and decide to take a look.” – Terry Sperry, Coldwell Banker

What landscaping tips do you give sellers to help springtime curb appeal?

“Do some spring cleaning. Pack up what is not being used, wash your windows, clean your carpets, clean whatever needs to be cleaned and that goes for outside as well as inside. Cut off all dead branches and clean up leaves and weeds. Plant some fresh flowers even just in pots around your entrance and backyard.” – Pat Lairson, Maricopa Real Estate Company

“Keep your yard weed-free. An exterior that is not maintained not only has bad curb appeal, but also implies that the interior is not maintained. Weeds really start to pop up fast this time of year. I would spray the entire yard with a pre-emergent now, and it will last for several months and keep the yard looking good.” – Morgan

“Take this time to clean up your front and back yards to give your home that fresh, well-cared-for appearance when they first walk up to the front door. You have many colorful, flowery options for accent plants or pots to make your home pop. Not only will you attract more buyers, you are apt to get a higher price for your home.” – Sperry

This story appeared in the March issue of InMaricopa News.


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