The Honeycutt Road closure will be the first significant traffic disruption caused by construction of the overpass project. Photo by Jim Headley

If you travel on West Honeycutt Road, your life is about to change.

Starting Thursday at 9 p.m. Honeycutt Road will be closed from North Pershing Street to John Wayne Parkway (Highway 347). Newly constructed Plainview Street will be opened east of Pershing at the same time.

“There will be detour signs. Essentially you will be able to go on Honeycutt until Plainview,” said City of Maricopa Public Information Officer Adam Wolfe. “Honeycutt will be completely closed from Pershing to Highway 347. There will still be access to the businesses. The detour will be to Maricopa-Casa Grande on Plainview.”

A view of the new Plainview Street from the south. It will take traffic from Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway (seen across the bottom left corner of the photo) to Honeycutt Road. Photo by David Durst

Wolfe said Honeycutt will be closed to be expanded in width and elevated.

Following are Arizona Department of Transportation’s recommended detours to access Honeycutt Road:

Proceed to Maricopa Casa Grande Highway (MCGH) from SR 347
Turn north on the new Plainview Street (located west of the Maricopa Unified School District building)
Proceed east on Honeycutt Road

From Honeycutt Road, turn south on the new Plainview Street (located west of the Maricopa Unified School District building) to MCGH
Proceed northwest on MCGH to SR 347

According to ADOT spokesman Tom Herrmann, there will eventually be lighted intersections on both ends of Plainview Street.

Construction activity will begin to pick up significantly as the $55 million overpass project enters its second phase. Crews will widen and add new sidewalks, curb and gutter to the south side of Honeycutt Road. Workers will also begin rebuilding a segment of the road that will connect with a realigned section of SR 347, once the overpass is built.

In addition, a new signalized intersection at SR 347 and Honeycutt Road will be built near the end of phase two of the project.

The stoplight at 347 and Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway will be removed, according to Wolfe, as it will not be needed due to the construction of the new overpass in the area.

“That road will no longer go across the (railroad) tracks. It will help traffic flow significantly,” Wolfe said.

Honeycutt Road will remain closed through next summer. The entire overpass project is expected to be complete by the fall of 2019.

The section of Honeycutt road from John Wayne Parkway to Pershing Street will be closed for several months.