Angela Villa

By Angela Villa

Regarding the upcoming election for Pinal County Supervisor for District 4, we need a change. We need representation.

I have been a resident of one of Pinal County’s rural areas, Maricopa/Hidden Valley, since 1997. In that time I and many neighbors have become highly involved in local issues, such as developments, zoning, comprehensive plans, general plans, annexations and much more. I have dealt with a couple of different county officials in the supervisory position, along with dealings with county officials in numerous other counties across Arizona. In all of my experiences, I have never come across a county representative who has neglected and failed to support the people he is supposed to represent more than our current Supervisor Anthony (Tony) Smith. Yes, a little harsh, but true. I have had dealings with Mr. Smith prior to his election as county supervisor and none were beneficial to our communities. There are plenty of documents to prove these issues are true.

Once Mr. Smith was elected to county supervisor, we hoped he would fulfill his duty as representative of Pinal County residents, all of them. We quickly found those wishes left unfulfilled. From Smith’s disregard for locals’ opinions affecting them directly under his representation, to Smith openly supporting those who are not residents and voters, but visitors, to his drive to push for directives and issues within the City of Maricopa (which have their own governing boards) more than for the people who he is the sole representative of.

Whether it be zoning issues, representation appointed by Mr. Smith, annexations, developments, public notices, zoning changes/requirements, safety issues, lack of notifications, emails from his constituents left for months unanswered by Mr. Smith or simply taking the public’s ( that he is elected to represent) input into consideration, a very large group of us has never experienced a more disappointing lack of cooperation and misrepresentation than we have under our current supervisor. I remember many years ago meeting with Mr. Snider, who was a much better suited representation for our district and highly involved with his local meetings and input with people and communities within his district, which was double the size it is now. We need that representation back.

I (and many others) openly support change for Pinal County District 4. We need representation that does exactly that – represents all people of Pinal County, especially those whom the county supervisor is their only source of representation. I have met with Mr. Vitiello, on numerous occasions, attended the debate and more. I like the fact that Mr. Vitiello puts himself out there as a representative of all Pinal County residents. He understands not everyone has the same lifestyles, wishes, desires, dreams and hopes. Mr. Vitiello is not pro-unincorporated, he is not pro-incorporated. What he is, is pro-Pinal County. He is someone who can open-mindedly and in a beneficial manner represent all of Pinal County’s very diverse residents. Mr. Vitiello has already proven himself responsive to people across District 4 (especially the TBird/Hidden Valley area, though we hold little voting value in comparison to other areas). When called upon, he acts. Mr. Vitiello is already highly involved in those same communities across the district, again, regardless of incorporated or not. Mr. Vitiello has not told us something, simply because it is what he believed we wanted to hear, but he agrees to listen and learn, to take all points into consideration. He is motivated and open minded, well versed and well rounded in his life and his community and I believe that he can carry Pinal County District 4 into a very beneficial future for all its residents.

Today and on Election Day, Mr. Vitiello will be my choice for Pinal County Supervisor of District 4. We need change. We need and deserve honest and beneficial representation.

Angela Villa is a resident of the unincorporated Hidden Valley area of Pinal County.


  1. This piece runs in line with the candidate she backs. lots of hot air but no valid facts. Not even ONE verifiable statement.
    Mr. Smith, please don't waste any energy on these people.

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