Roadside discussion leads to drug bust

Early Tuesday morning, a conversation between partners on the roadside led to two arrests.

According to police reports about the incident, two individuals, Brandon Carpenter and Michelle L. Wester, were both arrested and charged that night.

Carpenter was charged with possession of drugs, possession of dangerous drug sales, possession of dangerous drugs transport, possession of narcotics, possession of narcotic sales, and possession of narcotic transport.

Wester was charged with possession of dangerous drugs.

According to police documents, around 5:30 a.m., Brandon Carpenter stopped his vehicle in the number three lane on John Wayne Parkway near Desert Cedars to have a talk with his girlfriend, Wester, who was walking northbound on John Wayne Parkway.

An officer saw Carpenter’s brown 2004 Toyota Camry stopped in the road without hazard lights on and conducted a traffic stop.

During the stop, drug paraphernalia was located in the center console of Carpenter’s car.

Carpenter gave the officer a false name, identifying himself as Steven Carpenter, along with an undisclosed last name.

Carpenter confirmed the drug paraphernalia within the car in addition to his true identity, He was subsequently arrested and charged according to police documents.

When searched, officers found 33 M30 (oxycodone) pills on his person.

Officers then searched his vehicle and found 25 grams of methamphetamine, eight Xanax pills, 13 more M30 pills, and two methamphetamine pipes.

Four cellphones, a MacBook and an Amazon Kindle were also found in his vehicle.

Police arrested and charged Wester after they found her in possession six grams of methamphetamine.

Both subjects were transported to the Pinal County Jail to await their hearing.