Obituary Robert Chandler
Robert Norman Chandler, 64, of Maricopa died July 25. Family photo

Robert Norman Chandler, 64, of Maricopa slipped from this life on July 25 in Phoenix, his family announced with great sadness.

He died suddenly after rallying from a series of strokes that first afflicted him July 7, after a fall in the kitchen, his family said.

Born Easter Sunday, April 21, 1957, in New Haven, Connecticut, Rob was the youngest of four siblings and by far the tallest, He loved to dabble in mechanics and electronics. He graduated from Hamden High School in 1976, and did so with honors, which none of his college graduate siblings were able to do.

He achieved success working on the avionics for a U.S. tactical missile project in the early 1980s, achieving a secondary education at DeVry University and later graduating from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix.

Rob was never able to find a permanent niche in the employment market, but was headed for a greater cause, caring for his mother and later his sister, his family said. He was a caretaker for his mother until she passed away in 1999, and then later cared for his sister, whom he served until his death.

His family and friends shared thoughts about Rob.

“Rob didn’t ever achieve material wealth, but he was one of the most generous people I’ve ever known,” said brother Clint Chandler of Eugene, Oregon.

“I had many opportunities to say how much I loved him, but wish I had made a point to do so,” sister Karen Chandler Heber of Maricopa added.

His nieces and nephews remembered an uncle dedicated to preserving family history.

“Because of Rob, we have a video history of family that our children can enjoy for years,” said niece Alex Chandler.

“He was an excellent photographer and served as family historian,” added nephew Rick Wilson.

And niece Diana remembered his candy making skills.

Two friends recalled Rob in different ways.

“He was the kind of guy who kept his thoughts to himself,” said friend Rich Cohen.

“It really makes me mad when I think of what great technical skills he had, but never used. It was like he had given up on life,” said Rich Adams, a neighbor.

Rob Chandler had a quiet humble manner and stayed away from organized religion, according to his family. But he had a deep belief in his Lord and Savior, and family members believe he has found his niche serving in his Heavenly Father’s kingdom.

He was preceded in death by his father Clinton H. Chandler, mother Lois Wratten Chandler and brother Ronald Chandler. In addition to sister Karen and brother Clint, he is survived by many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.