Profile: Dr. Roger Vesper, Maricopa Eye Care


Dr. Roger Vesper
Maricopa Eye Care

Education: OD from UC Berkeley; BS from University of Utah

Certifications: DPA/TPA (Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent) certification to prescribe medications to treat conditions like infections, glaucoma, inflammation, etc.

Hometown: Northern Utah

Current residence: Rancho El Dorado

Family: Wife and two cats

Hobbies: Travel, skiing, hiking, surfing, camping, movies and the occasional Xbox first-person-shooter

Favorite food: I make amazing spaghetti with browned butter and Myzithra cheese

Favorite restaurant: Chipotle (can’t wait!)

Coolest piece of equipment: Our new, high-resolution digital imager. I can show patients their retina and optic nerve in today’s exam and more effectively track changes over time.

What’s next technology-wise in your industry? In the retail space there is a lot of buzz about wearable technology like Google Glass, which we can make prescription lenses for. Medically, I’m excited about research that uses genetic analysis to customize treatment options and improve outcomes for people with Macular Degeneration.

Your keys to owning and operating a successful small business: You have to strike a balance between holding fast to your original vision, while staying flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions.

Managing your time: Every smallbusiness owner knows that running a business has the potential to absorb every waking moment (and even haunt you in your sleep) if you let it. Setting limits and priorities is critical.

Providing great customer service: Customer service is incredibly important and it is an area we always working to improve. I think that is key: You can never be ‘done’ working on customer service.