Safety is high priority in Heritage Academy Maricopa’s growth goal

Heritage Academy [file]

When Heritage Academy Maricopa opened in 2019, we did so with the vision that our school would become an integral part of the Maricopa community.

Chairman/CEO Jared Taylor
Principal Kimberly Ellsworth

We strive to bring families the values embodied in our mission statement: dedication to the growth and development of youth as well as a focus on building sound character through strong families, strong communities and a strong nation.

From our first day of classes in 2019, which were temporarily at UltraStar Multi-tainment Center due to construction delays, we have grown and flourished along with Maricopa. We have a student population of nearly 900.

Heritage Academy is supported by more than 50 highly qualified teachers, administrators and support staff, most of whom are Maricopa residents. We are grateful for the support from so many of the wonderful people in our community and look forward to continuing to be a significant part of Maricopa as it grows toward an abundant future.

An important part of our growth plan focuses on safety at Heritage Academy and in the community. Our administrators and staff at Heritage Academy Maricopa are committed to the safety and well-being of our scholars, their families and our neighbors. We have made it our highest priority to establish and maintain procedures at our campus that will provide a safe and effective learning environment. We also value the safety concerns of our neighbors in the vicinity of our campus regarding traffic circulation, and we work closely with the leadership in Maricopa to ensure their concerns and goals are considered in our safety planning. Here are elements of Heritage Academy Maricopa’s safety plan:

  • Conduct monthly fire and safety lockdown training and drills with our scholars and staff, and evaluate the results of each drill to identify and implement any needed improvement.
  • Develop and communicate with parents and school staff specific protocols to govern the safety and efficiency of the driveline, or student pick up/drop-off procedures each day.
  • Foster meaningful relationships with our neighbors at Our Lady of Grace Parish and the Board of Directors for the Glennwilde HOA, and respond promptly to any concerns they may have.
  • Communicate regularly with Maricopa city leadership to coordinate efforts with regard to our safety protocols.

Heritage Academy Maricopa loves being part of the Maricopa community, where good things are happening and so many wonderful people reside. We express our sincere thanks for the support we have received from Maricopa city leadership, particularly from former Mayor Price and from current Mayor Smith. We express gratitude for the support of our neighbors, and most especially of the Maricopa families who choose Heritage Academy to be a part of their lives.


This sponsored content was first published in the December edition of InMaricopa magazine.