Salary schedules return to school board


The salary schedules tabled last week return to the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board Wednesday.

This year, the board has been through discussion rounds on new schedules for certified employees and administrative employees. The new schedules impact only new hires and not current staff.

The current salary model, which includes step experience and education level, has been called "unsustainable" by Superintendent Steve Chestnut. Under the proposed stepless schedule, teachers and members of the board became concerned with the possibility that new hires could come into the system with a higher salary than teachers already in the district.

Other personnel issues before the board Wednesday are two resignations (teachers Sarah Hawn and Ashley Tournay) and renewals for certified and administrative staff. (See list below.)

***ADVERTISEMENT***Wednesday’s meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the board room at the district office.

Also on the agenda is Maricopa Wells Middle School Principal Rick Abel with an update on math and language arts progress. The board will recognize MUSD’s participant in the county spelling bee, and the Rotary Club will introduce its students of the month.

The board has also scheduled executive (closed) sessions on student discipline.

Abbadessa, Marami M
Abel, Heather
Allen, Sherry
Alonzo, James S
Alonzo-Taggart, Kristen
Alteri, Chiara
Ansley, Christopher
Ansley, Jessica L
Archuleta, Elizabeth
Bailey, Debra
Baldridge, Rosemary
Balt, Aidan
Bambling, Danielle M
Basilone, Dawn A
Begonja, Kristina
Bell, Aundre
Bell, Erin
Bell, Jennifer
Bellavance, Janis N
Benton, Diane
Boutelle, Joel C
Bowlin, Joshua
Boyland, Shannon L
Bratspir, Leonard
Brown, Angela K
Brown, Melinda
Buck, Nancy
Buhisan, Susana
Burkett, Brian
Burrows, Kati M
Busch, Jennifer
Caballero, Lois A
Calhoun, Cynthia Christine
Cameron, Jennifer
Canevit, Heather D
Cantrell, Nicole M
Caroselli, Linette
Carpenter, Danika R
Carpenter, Tanner
Carpenter, Tasha
Carr, Natasha S
Castellanos, Dawniele
Chamberlain, Brad Allen
Chung, Jeewon
Clare, Justin
Clark, Jonathan L
Cloud, Charles H
Cody, Heather
Collins, Rebecca
Connell, Kevin W
Conner, Kathryn
Cook, Patricia K
Cooley, Derek
Corbin, Sherry
Crandal, Sherrie
Cummings, Taryn
Cutler, Andrew
Dalton, Morgan
Davis, Andrew
Davis, Brad A
De Pasquale, Pamela M
Denton, Laura
D'Entrone, Patricia H
Dickinson, Christine
Dion, Melissa
Dodd, Dawn
Done, Laura
Dorsey, Amelia
Droste, Kellie A
Duran, Fina
Dyer, Tammi
Early, Jerri
Ebner, Angelia M
Elet, David
Faint, William
Favero, Emily
Ferri, Rebecca
Fisher, Michelle
Fitzgerald, Izlia
Foutz, Kimberly M
Franco, Laura
Freeman, Candice A
Fuentes, Kathleen
Gadzinski, Karen
George, Sara
Gilbert, Ghislaine M
Gindiri, Shalom
Gourley, Danielle
Graham, Betty M
Graham, Valerie
Gray, Gail
Gregory, Dishon
Guggisberg, Nancy V
Hacker, Angela Ann
Hahn, Jacqueline
Hall, Jordan
Hamilton, Anissa Carol
Hammond, Katelyn
Hanks, Grant
Hansen, Krystal
Henderson, Theresa
Herrera, Pamela
Herrera, Stephanie R
Hicks, Tabri
Hillman, Shannon L
Hilsinger, Shannon
Hobt, Tanya M
Hoellwarth, Marci
Hogan, Amanda L
Hogan, Judith L
Hollar, Brittany
Holzworth, Rebecca
Hoopes, James
Hoskins, Renee
Howell, Brandi J
Huberich, Heather
Huffman, Britney M
Hughes, Kyrie
Hull, Shannon
Hunt, Amy
Hutchinson, Sheldon K
Isaacson, Kenneth
Isenberg, Rachael
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Toshia