School board members and candidates unite to make legislative recommendations


Current Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board members and candidates for the board will unite at this week’s school board meeting to discuss the ten education-related recommendations the board will be sending to the Arizona Legislature.

The Board was scheduled to decide on these 10 items at a prior meeting; however, the item was tabled because board members didn’t think they should decide on their priorities if they are not going to be the ones on the board after the election.

“There are going to be three new board members coming in, and they should have a say on what the board’s priorities are,” said current board president Shannon Amos.

To get this input from the candidates, there will be a 5 p.m. study session before the regularly scheduled 6 p.m. regular meeting.

Items on the regular agenda include deciding on the maximum amount the district will spend on the Maricopa Wells Middle School gym and field completion and approving position requests.

To view both board agendas, click here.

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