School board eyes new salary schedule


A draft of a salary schedule for new certified employees is up for discussion during a study session for the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board this week.

The board meets Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Base salary in the draft is $34,507. The revised schedule applies only to new certified staff – teachers, counselors and academic coaches.

In addition to base salary, teachers earn $500 per year of experience. Graduate coursework will be honored at $65 per credit hour, and $1,000 will be granted for a master’s degree and EdD or PhD. Salary and benefits are prorated based on the hire date.

Supplemental funding from the Proposition 301 classroom site fund accounts for 3.5 percent of the base salary. That is based on sales tax revenue and can fluctuate.

In a memorandum to the board, Superintendent Steve Chestnut clarified the changes to not impact current staff. Current staff members will be reimbursed equitably for work that was not factored into a previous contract. That includes the $65 per credit payment and the $1,000 for graduate degrees.

***ADVERTISEMENT***Wednesday’s agenda also includes a budget process update from Chestnut, who provided a cost worksheet on prioritized items from the Budget Committee.

Five items on top of list described as critical include an across-the-board cost-of-living raise at a cost of $261,000, hiring 15 full-time employees to shrink class sizes at a cost of $810,000, marketable gifted program at a cost of $75,000, elementary school counselors at a cost of $60,000 and increased nursing staff at a cost of $80,000.

Principal Janel Hildick is also scheduled to give an update on math/language arts at Butterfield Elementary School.