Second SpaceX rocket to cruise through town this weekend

A SpaceX first stage rocket sits near the city limits near the end of June. [Bryan Mordt]

A rocket is headed our way, but don’t panic: It will be on the ground, not through the air. 

It is a 185-foot-long SpaceX first-stage rocket component, about the height of an 18-story building. The component is 14 feet, 6 inches wide, and has 16-foot overhead clearance, with a gross weight of 165,000 pounds. 

This is the second of its kind to make its way through the city in the last three months.  

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The oversize load is scheduled to stop on Friday, just outside the city on State Route 238, and just west of State Route 347. The load will then make a trip through the main roads of Maricopa in the early hours of Saturday.

The rocket is planned to continue east down SR 238, until it reaches North John Wayne Parkway, where it will turn south and continue to Mercado Street, and under the John Wayne Parkway overpass. The load will continue east on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway toward Casa Grande. 

EZE Trucking will do the work, from its origin in Hawthorne, Calif., to its destination in McGregor, Texas. 

The rocket is set to leave the state on Saturday, via Interstate 10 toward New Mexico.