Semi hauling garbage that rolled on SR 238 was trying to avoid crash

The driver of a semi-truck that rolled on SR 238 on Nov. 14 had swerved to avoid a crash, the driver told investigating officers. [Brian Petersheim Jr.]

The driver of a semi-truck hauling garbage that rolled over on State Route 238 on Nov. 14 told investigating officers the truck overturned after the driver swerved to avoid a collision, police said. 

The truck tipped just east of North Ralston Road, spilling garbage alongside the road, Maricopa Police reported. The driver, Terrance K. White, who was not cited, told officers he steered the semi slightly to the right to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle that was passing eastbound traffic on the two-lane highway. 

White said the trailer’s wheels veered off the asphalt. When he tried to correct the course, he said he first veered into the oncoming lane and back onto the westbound lane, and then veered right off the roadway, where the vehicle tipped on its side. 

According to Maricopa Police, the semi was the only vehicle involved in the incident. 

The road was reopened while the mess was cleaned up, police reported.