It was College Day at Sequoia Pathway Academy in Maricopa. Photo by Adam Wolfe

The Nelson C. Lathan Counseling Center presented a college fair at Sequoia Pathways Academy to help local students see how many options they have for a post-high school education.

The event brought in four-year universities such as Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University, as well as two-year schools such as Central Arizona College, military entities, cosmetology schools and trade schools.

“We’re really trying to get the students aware of all the opportunities they have available to them while they’re in high school,” NCLCC counselor Chris Lathan said. “We really wanted to give the students every opportunity to see all of the different type of schools they can do to advance themselves in their career.”

The event was presented by the NCLCC to promote the organization’s “Roads to Scholars” program.

“The basis of all of our programs is to make sure the youth have the knowledge in order to get into college and be successful once they get in there.”

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