Sgt. Pepper and GooBurr show a big hit with MOMS Club


The MOMS Club of Maricopa – Wells would like to extend a big thank you to Officer Koozer and the Maricopa Police Department for their community presentation on Stranger Danger last Tuesday afternoon.

We would also like to thank the Maricopa Fire Department at Alterra for providing the venue, Jarrett Christianson with Farmers Insurance in Tempe for the donation of Child Identification Kits and members of the MOMS Club of Maricopa — Santa Rosa who joined us for the presentation.

The kids had a great time at the Sgt. Pepper and GooBurr show, and they learned valuable information in terms they could understand.

Sgt. Pepper and GooBurr are real police officers who use comedy, music and magic to teach lessons about Stranger Danger (and pool safety).

When the Maricopa Police Department was contacted a couple months ago to set up fingerprinting for our kids, they offered to present the show and hand out the fingerprinting kits.

Since the MPD is going to be offering this show throughout the year, we wanted to make sure word got out about how good and beneficial it was.

Above all we wanted to publicly thank the MPD – and the Maricopa Fire Department for allowing us to have the show at the Alterra station.

Photo by Johnna Pascador