The Shamrock Farms tour in Stanfield is popular with school groups. The tours opened for the season this week. Photo by Adam Wolfe

Shamrock Farms in Stanfield has opened for tours with the cooler weather setting in.

The tours are available for individuals, families and groups to find out where their local milk comes from and how it is processed. Tour participants can get a hands-on look at how their milk and dairy products are made, from the cows’ diet to the manufacturing process.

“Shamrock Farms Farm Tours are extremely important to our retail partners and families,” Shamrock Farms Marketing Manager Christina Calio said. “They learn about our farm to table freshness and where their milk comes from.”

Shamrock Farms has approximately 20,000 cows on the property. This includes 11,000 milk cows, 1,000 organic cows and thousands of calves.

Tour participants are able to see where the cows are milked, fed and cleaned. They are also able to feed and pet calves that were born just days before.

“It was very hands on and everyone was very friendly,” Tour participant Robin Rowe said. “They explained everything in detail to the families, and it was very enjoyable for all.”

The tour lasts approximately one hour, and participants are able to walk away with a wealth of knowledge about their local milk producer.

To book a tour, interested parties can contact Shamrock Farms or call (602) 477-2462.

“Shamrock Farms Farm Tour is open for educational tours from October through May,” Calio said. “Our farm tours change to accommodate our guest needs. Anywhere from educational outings to corporate events (can be accommodated).”

Aside from the daily tours, Shamrock Farms will host its annual “Joy to the Herd” holiday event Dec. 4-6. Participants are able to take pictures with Santa and play in actual snow in the desert during the event.

Tickets for the event are $10 for children and $12 for adults.