Short Halloween movie filmed at Tortosa home

A screencap from the short film "Haunting on Marin Avenue," shot on location at a Tortosa home. [Courtesy of Steven Hernandez]

Some Halloween experiences are filled with more tricks than treats.

That’s exactly what you might expect from “The Haunting on Marin Avenue,” a short film shot at a Tortosa home this month.

The nearly four-minute film succinctly follows a ten-year-old boy attempting to evade a creepy clown on Halloween night by running into a haunted house.

Chandler-based director Steven Hernandez filmed the family-friendly movie with his family at the popular haunted house by the same name, located at 25827 West Marin Avenue.

Want to experience the home’s spine-tingling feeling yourself? The Haunting on Marin Avenue is one of the 60-plus houses found on our haunted display map.