New lanes on Smith-Enke Road could be paved by the end of the month. Photo by Mason Callejas

City officials said Thursday a co-opted construction project happening on Smith-Enke Road is on track and projected to finish up on schedule sometime early next year.

Officials in charge of the project said the infrastructure improvements being made to Smith-Enke between Porter Road and Desert Greens Drive will finish up sometime before the end of January.

The project, being completed by the private developer Meritage Homes and in cooperation with the City of Maricopa, will include the addition of one eastbound and one westbound lane to help support a heavier volume of traffic to and from future homes sites planned for construction on the east side of Province.

The joint venture is actually two separate projects with majority of the construction happening on private development property and only minor improvements being made to public thoroughfares and easements.

Director of Development Services Bill Fay said instead of the city conducting separate, paralleled construction on the public roadway the city will simply reimburse Meritage Homes for any public improvements.

Fay said though they are not directing the construction they are working closely with the developer to ensure productivity and safety are maintained.

“We have people inspecting the project,” Fay said. “They’re in every meeting and following everything very closely.”

Currently, preparations are being made to the sub grade of the road to help support the added weight of increased traffic, and curbs and gutters are being installed to aid drainage. The road is scheduled to be paved by the end of December and should be opened for use by Feb. 1.

Speed limits in the construction zone have been reduced to 25 mph until the project is completed.

Photo by Mason Callejas
Photo by Mason Callejas