Smith: Why deputies say I’m the right choice

Anthony Smith

By Anthony Smith

On May 11, 2016, I was notified by the Pinal County Deputies Association that they are endorsing my candidacy for re-election as County Supervisor.

The letter from Benjamin Cook, President of Pinal County Deputies Association, reads as follows:

“Following extensive research by the Executive Board of the Pinal County Deputies Association, PCDA is proud to announce our endorsement for your candidacy for Supervisor of District 4.

Your support for public safety issues and employees is deeply appreciated. Your honest and upfront beliefs and convictions concerning the role of the County Supervisor’s in our community are much needed and refreshing.

PCDA believes that you will strive towards an improved alignment between the office of the Sheriff and the Board of Supervisors, eliminating some of the politics within this system and reaffirming the needs of the citizens in your district.”

I am both honored and grateful to the men and women who are the front line forces of public safety for this very important endorsement. It reinforces the commitment we both have for working together to reduce crime, improve working conditions and manage resources within tight budgets.

During my next four years in office, I’ll continue to be as committed to the ideas put forward by the Pinal County Deputies Association as I have in my first term.

Anthony Smith is running for re-election to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors.


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