Development Services Director Martin Scribner (right) with reporter Adam Wolfe.

Maricopa Development Services Director Martin Scribner stopped by our InMaricopa studio to discuss how the city is planning for the future.

He spoke about the new General Plan, Estrella Gin Business Park and the proposed overpass.

City officials have been developing an updated “General Plan” to guide Maricopa as it grows. The Development Services Department has also been setting up workshops for community members to attend and offer their recommendations for the future.

“The workshops are meant to educate everybody piece by piece as to what is different in this version of the General Plan than what was in the last one,” Scribner said. “This, of course, is an update and not a brand new plan, so we are just going to hit the highlights of each one of the elements. What’s different about transportation, what’s different about land use and about housing? All those things will be hit one at a time so we can focus on what is happening in that section.”

The city will be hosting the following events:

Open House Forums:

•    1/14/16: 10-noon & 5-7pm, City Hall Council Chambers
•    1/20/2016: 10-noon & 5-7pm, MUSD District Office Meeting Room 118

Nuts & Bolts Workshops:
•    1/25/16: Age-Friendly Committee – 4pm,Overview of Age Friendly specific provisions
•    1/25/16: P&Z Commission – 6pm, Intro & Implementation Sections; Growth & Land Use Element
•    1/27/16: Parks, Recreation & Libraries Committee – 6pm, Open Space & Recreation Element
•    2/8/16: P&Z Commission – 6pm, Environmental Planning; Energy & Water Resources, Safety & Public Facilities
•    2/9/16: Youth Council – 6pm, Copper Sky Meeting Room A, Youth and Millennial specific provisions
•    2/11/16: Heritage Advisory Committee – 5:30pm, Don Pearce Fire Station Community Room, Conservation, Rehabilitation & Redevelopment
•    2/17 /16: Transportation Advisory Committee – 6pm,Circulation & Connectivity Element
•    2/22/16: P&Z Commission – 6pm,Economic Development, Cost of Development; Neighborhood Preservation
The workshops will feature detailed discussions with the public at various board, committee and commission meetings to receive input on the “nuts and bolts” of the different elements that compose the General Plan.

“We want to make sure everybody understands [the General Plan],” Scribner said. “In November, the general public will be voting on this in the general election. So we want to make sure that anybody who is possibly going to vote in that is paying attention so they understand what they are voting on and why it’s important to vote.”

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