Shawn Rosefeld has owned Star Cabinets since 2008 and moved to Maricopa in 2013. He builds new cabinets, refaces old cabinets and even does kitchen remodels. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Since 2008, Star Cabinets and Refacing has lived by its mission to “brighten people’s homes and lives” by providing them with new or refaced cabinets.

Star Cabinets owner and Sorrento resident Shawn Rosefeld has been working on homes for as long as he can remember. He has managed to have a successful career by sticking to his core values for getting the job done.

“I [chose this career] a long time ago because it was exciting,” Rosefeld said. “The best advice I’ve received is to work hard, be thorough and do it right the first time.”

He moved to Maricopa two years ago.

Refacing replaces the core of existing cabinets with upgraded doors, drawer fronts and handles. It allows residents to save money and replace their cabinets without starting from scratch.

“Refacing is cheaper,” Rosefeld said. “It allows you to get more out of what you have. You can make your existing cabinets into a custom set without tearing apart your whole kitchen.”

For those who want to tear apart the whole kitchen, Star Cabinets also does kitchen remodels.

Opened: 2008
Mission: To brighten peoples’ homes and lives
Why Maricopa: I live here and don’t think there are any other cabinet guys.
Why choose you over the competition: I offer personal service and quality work.
Where do you see your business in five years: Expanding
Biggest advantage of working in Maricopa: It’s close to home.
What was the best business advice you ever received: Work hard, be thorough and do it right the first time.
Greatest challenge: Marketing

This story appeared in the Winter Edition of InMaricopa the Magazine.