Tyler Awosika


By Tyler Awosika

At Be Awesome, we believe the best way to impact our works is to help develop confident, connected and successful youth by offering community-focused programs and services. One of the programs we are most proud of bringing to our community is the mentoring program where we pair young people with positive role models in school. One of our mentees is sharing what it’s like for him to have a mentor.

My name is Tyler Awosika. I go to Maricopa Wells, and I’m known as the weird creative kid. I sing, design shoes, rap, write music, produce, skate board and even direct films. I am also the owner of my own business, CLBGMSW.

I have been part of Be Awesome Youth Coalition for about a year now. All the members show support and train us on how to be better people, how to be prepared for what we may encounter in the future.

Mr. Doug, my mentor, is on campus at MWMS almost every day, and I can see him whenever I want or need to. He approaches me before school or between classes to see how things are going and talks with other kids about the dangers of using illegal substances or other things that are important to them. He talks with me about my hobbies, some of which he is interested in, too. We talk about the things I do, my visit with family and vacations. When we get together sometimes, we talk, watch videos and listen to the music that I like to listen to. My mentor lets me know that he is there to help me with schoolwork if I need it; I usually don’t so we just hang out.

Several times through this past year I have been able to share the lyrics with Mr. Doug. One day I was telling him my idea about a Skate Day in Maricopa. He encouraged me to talk with a City Council member about it. He told me the protocol of making a presentation to the council before they meet in private to discuss city matters. He encourages me to be myself and not worry about what other people think about me because I can’t do anything about what other people think anyway.

The Be Awesome program really helps a lot, whether it’s meeting someone to talk, or just hanging out, you know, they make me feel welcome. They let me skate on campus after we’re done with the after-school program on Wednesdays; they have no problem with it so it’s fun.

Thank you, Be Awesome Youth Coalition.

To get involved and make a difference for the next generation contact us at BeAwesomeYouth.life.

This column appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.


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