Relatively mild temperatures and gusty winds are in this week's forecast. Photo by Mason Callejas

Moderate temperatures and mild winds are likely to keep the summer at bay for at least another week, according to the National Weather Service. A heavy breeze should keep things cool early in the week, however as the winds slow temperatures will rise slightly in the latter half of the week.

Monday should be sunny and clear, though a bit breezy with winds gusting up to 30 mph throughout the day while temperatures reach a high around 84 in the afternoon and later dip to 57 at night.

Tuesday is forecast to again be sunny and mostly clear with a high near 77 during the day while winds gust up to 20 mph and later fall to a gentle breeze in the evening with a low of 57.

Wednesday looks to be mostly sunny with a high around 84 as winds continue to gust up to near 20 mph as temperatures hit a low of 64 at night.

Thursday should continue to see sunny skies and a nice breeze gusting up to 15 mph as temps reach a high of 85 during the day, dropping to a low of 63 at night.

Friday is likely to be calm and sunny with a high around 89 in the daytime and a low of around 63 at night.


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