Summer Reading Program kicks off Monday at Copper Sky


Maricopa Public Library’s Summer Reading Program kicks off with a celebration Monday at 5:30 p.m. at Copper Sky. Arizona Rick and the Bang Bang Balloon Company will be there with stories, magic and games all with balloons. Summer reading registration begins at 5 p.m.

The Maricopa Public Library’s Summer Reading Program runs from May 23-July 16. This year’s theme is “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read!” Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children and teens are all invited to participate. The program is designed to meet all reading levels and capabilities so that everyone can work at their own pace.

There are four races to choose from and each participant can choose the race that they are most comfortable participating in. In the Fun Run, the goal is to read 400 minutes by the end of the summer. The goal in the 5K is to read 600 minutes by the end of the summer. For the Marathon, we are asking participants to read 800 minutes and for a real challenge, participants can choose the Ironman where the goal is 1,000 minutes by the end of the summer.

A realistic goal is to read, or be read to, at least 20 minutes a day; so keep this in mind when choosing which race to participate in. Participants will earn a prize at the half-way mark and another prize at the end of their race when their goal is met. In addition, all participants who meet their goal will be invited to a Celebration Pool Party at Copper Sky at the end of the program. On-line registration for the program begins on May 5 and the registration link can be found at

2016 Summer Reading Programming Events

May 23 5:30 p.m. Summer Reading Kick-Off Event at Copper Sky – Arizona Rick and The Bang Bang Balloon Company: Always fun, always amazing, storytelling, magic and games all with balloons! Summer reading registration begins at 5:00 p.m.(family event)
May 25 5 p.m. Red Rohall T-Shirt Designs for Teens: Artist Red Rohall shows teens how to create and prepare a design, then print a one of a kind t-shirt! (sign-up required)
May 31 2 p.m. Magical Michael Steele: Fantastic variety show featuring magic, yo-yo tricks, juggling and all around fun. (family event)
June 6 2 p.m. Chuck Field, Comedy Ventriloquist: Fast-paced and incredibly funny ventriloquist show. (family event)
June 8 5:30 p.m. Mobile Vinyl Recorders with Michael Dixon for Teens (sign-up required) Come see how a vinyl record is recorded.
June 13 2 p.m. Reptile Adventures: Rich Ihle and his extraordinary reptile friends will educate entertain and amaze you. (family event)
June 20 5:30 p.m. Step’s Junk Funk/Desert Dance Theater: Come hear this rhythmic ensemble create music with recycled items. (family event)
June 27 2 p.m. Lovely Buttons the Clown: The kids will laugh as they see audience members assist Lovely Buttons with hilarious clown antics and silly ways to make reading fun. (family event)
July 6 4:3o p.m. Henna for Teens with Purvi Galiya: Learn the ancient art of henna and receive a personalized henna design. (sign-up required)
July 11 2 p.m Gross Science Program: Mark Carter will present science that makes you go Ewww based on the Grossology book series by Sylvia Branzei. (family event)
(TBA) End of Summer Pool Party at Copper Sky (for all Summer Reading Program participants who meet their goal)